Jun 08, 2000


Another day, another exciting day of work. Wahoo. I really need some content you guys!! My excitement of the day was a hardcore lesbian powerpoint presentation which was forwarded to me at work by a collegue. You know how in the old days they used to shake your hand to welcome you? Well this is what they do now. God bless the internet.

.eu.org still hasn't returned my email about the dns change and I'm starting to get really mad, I think I will submit it again. I've also been trying to snag a .com address but that isn't going too well lately either. Damnit.

Unit3 forwarded me this link to a bunch of people trying to form a 'freenet'. Basically this involves a huge distributed anonymous filesystem, where users on the internet could share files in an uncencored environment. Does this sound like a huge pr0n and mp3 network to you? Could be interesting...

Razor in his younger days

I've also got a video for everybody today...its a clip from a police motorcycle training session, thats all I can tell you. I want you to watch this clip and then tell me what YOU would do in this situation.


End of Updates