Jun 12, 2000


Mid-day Update

Well it seems that rblords.com has gone active, so it's time to celebrate! It might take a couple days for all the cached dns servers to catch up (Shaws anyway), but otherwise its a go. Finally!

Already June 12th and I haven't even had a softcore pr0n day! Well, I hope some of you are still viewing this site. If you are, please drop by the discussion board and let me know that you're out there! I've had a few people comment on the fact that my BBS was a better setup for messages and I have to agree. Therefore I will probably be bringing back the old BBS again, just give me a couple days!

Hellsh0k informed me the other day that while poking fun at thock.com I forgot to mention the most important fact about Dylan, the grand wizard.

Thock it rhymes with Cock. I think this shows conclusivly that Dylan is gay.

I got more pictures back from Pike Lake 2000 today and I will put them up in the gallery as soon as I get them scanned.


I think it is important at this time for me to explain why its not a good idea to allow a Jamaican guy who has been eating chocolate bars to see you while you are excersizing. Well actually its kinda hard to explain but luckily I've found a video which explains what I mean perfectly.

I'd like to take a minute to explain a terrible infomercial that I just saw on TV. You know those after-hours infomercials you see on Fox late at night? Well this one wasn't on Fox but it WAS terrible. It was an advertisement for some company which for some reason wanted to give out loans for broke people to buy new cars so it looked like they had money. Makes sense. The funny part was how they stressed how "anyone" could be approved...but then if you watch the infomercial for long enough (I couldn't find my remote!) they mention that you had to have a permanent residence, a job, a minimum income of $1600/month (thats US folks), and a phone. Now is it just me or would any bank approve a loan to somebody who made $1600/month and lived on their own? The bank would probably also charge less than 13283% interest too. Oh well.


End of Updates