Jun 14, 2000


Mofo Porno

Today we have a comic! Wow! And drawn by none other than YC himself.

I am so incredibly impressed at the content submitted to me today by everyone! That combined with the fact that somebody I don't know actually posted in my discussion board has made me a very happy web host. Keep it up! I need you guys to send stuff in every once in awhile so that I know your alive. That, and so I don't have to do it myself :).

by __SPACE__

Dr. Razor has submitted a short article on how to avoid the Napster-Metallica ban. Click on the snazzy logo below to check it out:


Dog Pound forwarded me a link to a new smash hit coming this summer: Godzilla 2000. View the pitiful trailer here. Beware: Scenes may contain horrible english dubbing.

Well, most of you know that I am from the small city of Saskatoon (200'000 people), located in the proud Canadian province of Saskatchewan. You wouldn't believe how hard it was for me to get a T1 line coming into my igloo...in fact SaskTel (our service provider...kinda like the RCMP), insisted that I move the a larger igloo so that it would be easier for them to install the line. As if! Anyhow, with our province comes a lot of history and a lot of that history revolves around one of the local inhabitants of a nearby city, Blaine Lake. Well...actually his igloo is a little ways away from Blaine Lake but you get the picture. On the right is a picture I clipped out of yesterday's paper featuring YC himself at the ripe age of 5, our province's proudest 'crop'.

Went and saw Tom Green's 'Road Trip' tonight and I must admit it was pretty damn good. I have always been a big Tom Green fan since I started watching his show on the comedy show (Canadian Channel) where he began. In my opinion, since he moved onto MTV he hasn't been nearly as harsh but he has a big budget now which is cool for him to do all sorts of wacky stuff. Oh yeah, and that blonde in the movie was really damn hot too (Amy Smart).

Wow, even as I am typing this, more content is coming to me! :)

As a last note for today...I am off to the lake again this weekend. Not sure where I am going exactly but it should be some good relaxin' time! You shouldn't notice any lack of updating to the site tho...unless I'm REALLY tired Sunday night.

Another note: If the site isn't loading under rblords.com, try oden.pwrsrc.net. This will ALWAYS resolve before any other dns, and for some reason rblords.com has been a bit flakey (the pointers keep randomly changing...don't know why). So keep reading! I'll still be up!


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