Jun 15, 2000


Well, I really don't wanna blow all my readers away, but today we have AN ARTICLE!. Hehehe, but before that we have an amendment to an article posted the other day by Razor. This time he has added some executeables which you can use to gain more functionality out of napster, such as transfering files other than mp3s. Check out his article, and make sure to visit his newly renovated homepage!.

Wait a minute....what the.......HEY! pfffft hey Razor, I think you need to come up with something a little more attractive to draw hits to your site :)...

Today we have an article from YC about women. Usually when I get an article from YC its a long, rambling story that has no real meaning. Today is no exception, however I can guarantee he has provided the male readers of this site with some mighty fine eye candy so you don't really even have to read the words. Score!

Wow, lots of almost naked girls on this site lately....which is ok, but we need some other content as well! How about some comics?. Just send them to me!

And now for some Dylan quotes courtesy of thock.com, submitted by Dog Pound...

"Utopia: Creation of a Nation is a lot easier than I remembered (but then, I played the world where you didn't have to fight space monsters). After a couple of days of on/off playing, I managed to get 100% QOL :) I think there's a bug in the game, though. I was producing aprox 3 times the amount of megawatts of power my city required, and storing it in the flux pods. However, once every few months, the "droooooooooooooo" of power outages would sound, and flash its icon (the flux pods would also magically empty themselves)."

Here is the terrible link of the day submitted by mrp of pwrsrc.net

I've got more to put up but unfortunately I really don't have enough time to do it all today so it will have to wait one more day...on a side note, YC has requested that I announce that all female readers send in their pictures so that he may look at them and masturbate (well, thats roughly what he said). You can send them to me


End of Updates