Jun 16, 2000


QUICK UPDATE: I was just catching up on mrp's recent entries on pwrsrc when I came across a link he put up to my site. He then began to talk bad things about rblords, using such phrases as "objectification of women ", "offensive", and "sensless drooling". I'd like to set something straight right here and now, and that is that the staff of rappablords is in no way discriminitory against the female sex, in fact being a completely male staff (do I have a staff or am I just mumbling?) we simply find ourselves rambling on and on sometimes. I try and make a point not to put up 'offensive' material on the site, and I like to keep the vulgarity down as well. I originally designed the site wanting a fun, original place for people so see funny or interesting things, as well as a place for people to share their opinions and stories, the site was never intended to be a stileproject clone. In closing, I would like to state that the opinions of the writers on this site (YC especially) are not neccesarily the opinions of the staff of rapablords (me).

Hey, maybe I SHOULD get a staff...might cut down on my work a little. Anybody out there interested?

On a side note, I received 100 hits between midnight and noon this morning, what the hell is up with that? Am I getting actual reoccuring visitors or is someone with Parkisons just hovering over the reload button on their browser? I've even had hits coming from Microsoft. There goes my idea of posting illegal copies of Office 2000 on the site...

Wahoo, finally got my email up and running, which means that anyone with an account on my machine now has an email address of @rblords.com. Wowee! I considered setting up a POP3 server just for fun but then decided against it seeing as how I really don't need one, but if someone were to ask for it I just may. I really don't know of anyone who uses my system for email anyway. Anyone??

If anyone wants to learn all about me, I have filled out profile of myself just like Freds. Try not to laugh to hard and beware - its very long. I invite all of you other guys and gals out there to fill one of these out as well, just send them in to me

Damnit was I ever busy today, and because of that I apologize for the lame update today. Its Thursday night and I spent the whole time running around trying to get ready to go to the lake tomorrow. The plan was to have everything ready so that all I would have to do tomorrow is leave after work. That's always the plan, but it never works. But you know what? I don't really care, I love camping and even if it rains on me all weekend I'll be happy.

Hang on, here comes another terrible joke from Unit3.

So anyways, I'm off to Martins lake for the weekend. Today I got my first paycheck so I'm quite happy about that, first time in 2 years that I'm going to make more than $200/month :). Quite the financial blow, I hope I can handle it. I'll probably just blow it all on used arcade games next time I go to Regina. Oh well, at least it will be well worth it.

Something you don't see everyday

Haven't gotten any submissions yet for the 'send your picture in for YC' contest. Come on, there HAS to be SOME lady out there who could like a go at the fine male specimen that is YC. Send yer pics to me

The site of the day is freeloto.com because a guy I work with got a check from them today for $1. The funny thing is that it probably cost more for them to send it than $1, but he's going to cash it simply because he figures they don't expect him to. Thats it, fight the power! Anyhow its free to play so give it a shot.

Again, sorry for the lame update, I'll try to get the rest of my Pike Lake 2k photos scanned for Monday. Have a good weekend!


End of Updates