Jun 20, 2000


Wow......so much content rolling in, so little time! Seriously, this site is beginning to become a bit of a pain in the ass to maintain. I tried to design it to be easy to update but as it grows bigger, the demand to organize it better grows, and quite honestly I just don't have the time. As it is, I spend at least an hour or two just updating the site each night, and it takes a lot out of me!

I'd like to take a moment to respond to mrp's comment about my comment about his comment:

suck MY offensive content!

Well I think I will start off today's update with some sad news...there will be no more Fight Club. Blue4130 has moved out and thus, the parties must end. No matter, we will find someone else's house to wreck. For now I will leave the Fight Club Page up simply because of the massive amount of hits that it receives.

Since its been a long time since I've posted a song on the site, I thought to myself "What better to post but the king of rock and/or roll???". Kid Rock. I offer to you my favorite Kid Rock song, Ya Keep On Going. I should also mention that this song has the marked approval of soul_d, so download away!

Anybody tired of these long, long personal profiles? Well tough, we have another one for ya by none other than soul_d. It seems that mrp has filled out his own but instead of submitting it to me, he put it up on his own site. Check it out. Oh, and to mrp: SSSSSCCCCCCCCCSSSSSSSIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!

I promised soul_d I would advertise Soul Devourer Online, not to be mistaken for The SDB Server. Soul Devourer Online is a collection of everything that makes up soul_d, including some mp3s he made in Impulse Tracker! Check it out!


End of Updates