Jun 22, 2000


New Bios

As promised, today I present you with another couple of bios. Today we have __SPACE__ and Dog Pound. Please be aware that Dog Pound's profile contains a lot of vulgar commentary and suggestive outlooks/statements which will most likely bother you. Also, I have never had a duck tail before and have no idea what he was talking about there. We also have a very special last minute entry today, YCs profile. Tired of reading these yet? :)

Just checked and found out that rappablords.com is now working as well :) Fancy that. I am now officially rblords.com, rappablords.com, rappablords.eu.org, oden.pwrsrc.net, and oden.binaryboys.eu.org. Wow, eh? So you can just type in whatever you darn well want. Something to note tho, however, is that if my ip changes again, oden.pwrsrc.net will work much sooner than rblords.com or rappablords.com will. Just letting you know!

What day could be complete without a terrible joke to lighten things up?

In other news, Dylan from thock.com sent an email to mrp the other day asking how he got our VPN working. Hahahahahahhahahhhaha. Mr. Linux super-guru can't get his VPN working :(

This Friday is my first EDO!! That means that I don't have to go to work but I still get paid for it, pretty sweet! So as I have been thinking about what I should do on my Friday I for some reason thought of JayB and the things he taught me during my years at SIAST. "Life is all about keepin' it real" he would say. "Remember when it was all about the music?". He's right, life IS about keepin' it real, however you manage to do it. God bless that man and all that he stood for, rest in peace old friend.
A good example of keepin' it real


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