Jul 05, 2000


I hope everybody saw my horrible flash animation and expected something truly wonderful on today's update, because there isn't anything. I was just trying to figure out how to use Flash, thats all. Cut me some slack.

Looks like Unit3 is advertising my site on mr-t.pwrsrc.net now, I guess that means I have to put his banner up as well :). As soon as he sends me one I will.

So far I have had 3 submissions for the T-Shirt contest, and I am beginning to think that I will receive no more. This is the last chance to send in your submission before I begin printing them. Get them in!!

This weekend I visited two lakes on my journeys across the vast Saskatchewan prarie...Wakaw and Diefenbaker. Knowing that I would be in full need of a knife, I finally took it upon myself to go out and get myself a swiss army knife. They really are quite expensive, but I got a pretty good deal on this one. Please take a moment to click on the picture for a closer look at the delicate engravings.

Today I have added 2 new profiles to the Reader Bios page. One of them is mrp's which you probably already read but I forgot to add it before. The second one is new, the profile of the great Audiophile

And now for a quote from Dog Pound:

"I have just figured out that 740.00 Dollars Canadian is worth 0.920512 in PLatinum ounces!"

Please spread the word.

Hey, I have a new video today!


End of Updates