Jul 10, 2000


I can't believe how much this site is taking out of me. Every night I have to make sure to put away at least an hour to update the damn thing, and then I look at my counter and realize that I've only gotten 20 hits in the last week. That fucking blows. Even EJ gets more hits than me and Larmal doesn't even update anymore! This is just my rant for the day, and I will not stop updating so those of you who DO stop and read my site once in awhile won't be completely without content. I'm gonna try hard today tho, I really am.

If you have been following the conversations in the Discussion Board, you would already know that YC has announced that he will be leaving to persue a career in the nearby town of Humbolt. For those of you who don't live in this area, Humbolt is an angry farm town which produces the finest moonshine this side of moosejaw. Hopefully wherever YC moves into he will have internet access but who knows. To commemorate this occasion and to send a farewell to the great YC I have prepared a comic to mark the occasion.

So I was driving around with Blue4130 and soul_d the other day when I (once again) heard The Real Slim Shady on the radio. When I first heard this song I absolutely hated it. Now, Blue4130 has convinced me that its a half decent song. As far as I'm concerned you might as well be listening to Sons of Prozac. Anyhow, right after the song ended they played Christina Augilera's Reply to the song. You see, Eminem insulted her in his song so she ripped off his song and made her own version. Quite sporting of her, really, and quite hilarious, check it out.

The link of the day comes from Blue4130, www.icebox.com, "its got lots of cool flash cartoons and shit". Just take a look at Episode 6 of Zombie College.

Wow! Mel has changed her page! It now features a semi-daily update and a new design, but don't worry, you can still find the usual content such as the ever so addictive game MelYatzee! Make sure to check it out, she needs the hits to help feed her children!

I revamped the Comic Page a little today. Basically, I just organized the old comics a little better into a Comic Archives section.


End of Updates