Jul 12, 2000


I have received overwhelming response to the comment I made yesterday about Dog Pound being in love. Yes, it is true. And yes, he is in love with a human being. I have made this video the depict the extent of this love between Dog Pound and an anonymous woman who will be known hereafter as 'Katie'

Thats right! If you already have an account on my server you already have an email account too! Just call up your favorite email reader (Outlook, Netscape...) and enter rblords.com as the pop3 server. You will have to use a different smtp server, however, so if you already have an existing pop3 email account somewhere else just enter the smtp server from that account. If you can't get it to work just let me know and I'll fix it up! If you don't have an account already, then you can leave me a message about why you feel you deserve one and you may just get one afterall.

I apoligize if my site has been loading slow lately, but it seems that my ISP has been under a bit of load lately or something. Or perhaps its just the local neighbours fighting over bandwidth. Either way its slow but will hopefully get better.


End of Updates