Jul 13, 2000


Today I have for you an article written by Dog Pound. If you live around Saskatoon you would have heard of the mass destruction that occurred at Martins lake a little while ago. Until now many people have wondered exactly what happened that night, but now it has all been revealed in Dog Pound's short but informative article.

Congratulations go out to Razor who just scored a job working for the police department as a (correct me if I'm wrong) software support technician. Yes, this was the job I had posted on the discussion board but he had applied long before that. I'll be by Razor's place later to drop off a box of doughnuts. I'm sure he would appreciate any charitable donations coming his way...

I have noticed that Larmal has been getting in the habit of updating weekly instead of daily. Also, the EJ Webcam which is supposed to update every minute hasn't changed in over a week. I feel really ripped off. Anyhow, JayB made a guest appearance the other day with an update. I wonder what ever happened to that guy, he doesn't seem to be cracking SETI Blocks anymore either. Either way, I feel for the demise of EJ so I am calling on all you loyal readers to go support the page which we were once at war with. I just can't help but feel bad for Larmal sometimes...he's just so damned cute.

Dog Pound just found out that thumbnails aren't just for porn! He's as surprised as you are!

Here's a mind-bender for ya'll

A just recieved an important, sad email from Dog Pound regarding his new love. I now share it with you... Is it just me or is DP getting a little soft?? I remember a time when a little letdown like this would only encourage the guy. Just remember, there are plenty of other ho's in da sea!

Well thats it for today's update, had to do some more O/T tonight and I am going back in at 6:00AM. I'm not looking forward to this but I am hoping to sneak away to the lake sometime this weekend, considering I was hoping to get to Regina saturday night but it looks like Unit3 isn't going to be around to visit. Maybe we'll still go...we'll see.


End of Updates