Jul 18, 2000


I fought the law and the law won. Damn. $100 parking tickets aren't my idea of a good time.

I know mrp already posted this on his site but its just too funny for anyone to miss out on. Therefore I present to you the ultimate lamer prank.

While I'm on a run ripping off links, here's a link about a new camera filter that lets you see through clothes.

I forgot to mention in yesterday's update that Unit3 took his knife back. Stupid him.

For a bit of a nostalga effect (and since I am already graduated), I have decided to bring back the part of my site which got me in trouble many days ago. These pages were maintained as part of the rappablords site far before it grew to form its current state. At that time the page was read by a select group of CST students only, as only they would have any interest reading the content. I have restored these pages, along with the story which gained so much controversy. You can get to these pages by hitting the new link in the menu bar or by clicking here.

And to enhance the nostalgia effect, I have restored some historial information about the creation of this site dated October of 1999, one century ago! Read More.

Is it just me or is this world getting weirder and weirder?

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