Jul 19, 2000


Its the 19th already and still no softcore pr0n day!! Could this be the end???

I'm gonna get in shit tonight from Razor because he wanted to get to bed early and requested that I do an early update. Of course I had full intention of fullfilling his request, however I ended up getting caught up talking to my good friend Eli (who by the way is selling a Ford Car - $50 (306) 230-6173). While talking with Razor tonight we discussed many important issues such as the recent suckiness of Larmal and the sad death of Jay B.

So I went to see X-Men the movie tonight and it was pretty good. Fact of the matter is that I figured it was going to be pretty terrible and it really wasn't, I'm quite impressed. In fact, I recommend it to all of my readers as a good night's entertainment.

Now THERE is a useful roadsign.

Damn Blue4130 for getting a bunch of bad rap stuck in my head from our trip down to Regina this weekend. All I can hear, over and over, in my head is nothing but Eminem, Geto Boys and the Rascals. For this reason, I am going to have to make the song of the day "Damn it feels good to be a gangsta" by the Geto Boys.


Dog Pound is insisting that "Heather" from the Discussion Board is just myself in disguise. If you are reading this, heather, why not send me an email to prove that you are, in fact, a real person and an avid reader of the best damned site on the internet.

LAST MINUTE ADDITION: mrp just posted this video on my Discussion Board and it is freaking hilarious. I would like someone to translate it if they could, but give it a watch!


End of Updates