Jul 25, 2000


Well everybody, its the moment you've all been waiting for! YC-World is back and better than ever! Well....its back anyway, and you can get to it from the easy to remember url ycworld.net.

The page is now being hosted off of the ever-growing rappablords network. If you would like your page hosted at this site, let me know and I'll consider it.

Stupid soul_d gave me his damn cold...I had absolutely NOTHING to do at work today, mainly because my supervisor called in sick (which I should have done). Blech.

Is is just me or are these milk advertisements getting better all the time? I mean, maybe I'm crazy but I found this add to be particularily hilarious. What does Jennifer Love Hate? Osteoperosis! Yay! Only way this picture could be better would be if somebody could manipulate it so that is actually looked like her bones were deteriating. That would rock.

Thank you Dog Pound for finding me my all-time favorite C=64 digitized sound sample. If anybody can name the game that it comes from, I will buy them a doughnut. Honest!

Well, I have myself hooked on getting a Toyota Supra now. The specific one I am looking at right now is a 1988 Supra Turbo. I even found a kit to upgrade it to 470hp. Hehehe...11 second 1/4 mile sounds mighty tempting :)


End of Updates