Jul 27, 2000


Damnit, I forgot to post the update last night! I totally did a lame one up and then forgot to post it. Oh well, now you just have even more to read.

It just occured to me by looking over Hellsh0k's Webpage that this page is really damn plain and ugly. At least it is easy to navigate (kinda). Still, I sometimes I wish that I didn't lack the creativity, time and patience to create a nice looking site. I guess I'm also not a fag.

Well, looks like Heather from the Discussion Board is a real person after all, and is reading our page all the way from Mississippi! You know what that means? It means I have a fanbase greater than 10km, that that really makes me happy. I also got a scarey letter today from the tech support people of the exhibition grounds here in Saskatoon. I'd rather not talk about it...

If all goes well, by tomorrow's update I should be a proud owner of this 1988 Toyota Supra Turbo. I'm going to be blowing all my money (plus some that isn't mine) to drive a sporty little car, but I think it will make me happy. Someone kindly pointed out to me the other day how difficult sex in the back seat of a supra would be, and for that reason I am going to have to keep the '65 Bel-Air around for awhile yet :). Actually, the Supra is just meant for a daily driver so that I can get some work done on my Bel-Air finally...

Well, Doctor Razor finally got on my back about not having his banner up on my menu bar, so up it goes. Is it just me or has his page been relativily static lately? Although he gets a hell of a lot of hits so I'm going to shut up now :). In the mean time I have taken down the SDB Server banner until Saul gets his ass in gear and updates it.

Razor forwarded me this link today urging me to purchase 100,000 feet of Ethernet cable with my newfound job-cash. If only I had $25'003.75. Thats a hell of a lot of cable!

The official video of the day is Happy Happy Joy Joy by Ren and Stimpy. This video is 25megs and you probably don't want to download it but it's there if ya want it :)...

Watch for tomorrow...our first "Official Razor day".


End of Updates