Jul 28, 2000


Yay! It's Razor day on rblords! What does that mean? Well, Razor send me a whole bunch of content the other day (he's setting a good example :) ). He sent me SO much content, that I am going to have to make an entire update about it.

Everyone probably knows about the whole Napster Vs. Metalicca legal war. Well, to make a long story short Friday (today) will be the last day for Napster. Make sure to grab all your mp3s today! You can read more about this on Napster's Site or on CNN's website.

Remember that old campchaos video about Metallica and Napster? Well, there's a new one (an old on actually, I just didn't know about it until Razor told me about it). Click on the picture on the right to watch the video.

Razor has two Audio picks for the day. The first is Burn in Hell by Twisted Sister. But since, according to Razor, "most of the pansy-asses that read this site are too preppy or too young to have ever heard Burn in Hell", the second choice is We're not Going to Take it. Either way it's Twisted Sister, so eat up! Bitch!

A personal favorite of Razor's, originally discovered by mrp of pwrsrc.net: Tux the Penguin in ASCII Art!

Oh, and for all those who care, I picked up my car today and all I can say is Damn. That thing's too fast for me :).


End of Updates