Aug 01, 2000


Another day, another month, another update...

Well, for a moment this morning I thought ExtremeJerks (EJ) was completely dead. I loaded up their site and all I got was a white background with a registration banner. However, when I reloaded the page it appeared. Then I thought I'd take a look, taking the odd chance that something within the site had been updated and to my surprise it had! In fact Jay B has been updating for the past week! So there you have it, don't let the splash screen fool you, go catch up on some EJ.

Some of you may have noticed that July was the first month with no softcore pr0n day. Surprisingly nobody complained so I'm just not going to worry about it. If it really bothers you that much, you can go look at some boobies. After all, it's good for you!

I snapped this picture of Razor this weekend while we were at the bar picking up chicks. You wouldn't believe the effort it took to pry all of the women (and men) off of him so that I could get a clear shot of the T-Shirt. It is my opinion that if more people in this world were as open and blunt as Razor, the world would be a better place, and there would be more sex. Life is very stressful, and casual sex (or constant sex for that matter) is the only obvious (and practical) cure. Be prepared for an upcoming article on this very bold and touching subject by none other than myself.

And now for some links from Dog Pound! I quite enjoyed this site he sent me, where they make fun of bands that suck. Make sure to watch all of the hilarious documentary films, especially the Christina Aguilera one!

Did you think the whole Wazzzzup era was over? Did you think there would be an end to the terrible immitations of that horifically annoying trend of screaming lunatics???? FUCK NO! Here's another one for you to cry about...

Now that I have a new car to drive, I can finally get around to saving up for what I REALLY want! One of these. I don't really know where to buy them, I think you have to win them. Yes, I'll try and pick one up with a good ol' game of ring toss at the Ex this year! Carnies rule!

It seems YC would like to challenge me to a race. I will see to it that it will be done. This race shall commence across the Victoria bridge, and the first to the other end, or to push the other off of the bridge loses. Oh yeah and guns will not be tollerated, only pellet guns and slingshots. Oh yeah, and those spikes you put on your tires like the Romans did on their chariots.


End of Updates