Aug 04, 2000


Before we get started on Dog Pound day, I would like to state that my birthday is coming up (the 5th) and that as readers of my site you owe me big so you can mail all gifts to me. Just email me for the address. Also, August 1st was this site's 6 month aniversery! How special...

I sent an email off to Jay B this morning at around 11:00 to see how work was going today and received the following:

"Dude I slept in I only got here now."
I accidently laughed out loud while reading this and Henry DayDay (the Mayor) had to come and boot me in the ass.

Check back later on for Dog Pound day, it is delayed but will be here!

Oh no! JeffK has HaX0red StileProject! What are all of the sick people of the internet going to do without Stile?!? Probably just find some other site I guess....but anyway let this be a listen to all you others that HaX0ring is real and if JeffK can do it, anyone can do it... (unless you use Win98 which has the best protection against HaX0ring).

Dog Pound is Back!

Dog Pound is back and in da house, and he would like it to be known to all! He has prepared an article for all to read which explains the reason that we haven't heard from him for so long. Read it, NOW!


End of Updates