Aug 10, 2000


Dog Pound, Blue4130 and Fredish came over tonight and the first step towards restoring my car has been completed. The passenger front fender has been removed, the hood is off and the bumper and drivers-front fender are almost off as well. Soon the bodywork will commence! It feels quite great to get this underway after almost 3 years in planning. The beast will shine yet!

Oden crashed yet again today, so in a frantic state I was able to find myself another hard drive to stuff in the old all I have to do is get around to it. I have to give credit to Linux tho, even after the hard drive failed and telnet shut down and ftp shut down, etc, apache still purred happily and the box was still ip masquerading although there was no way (even locally) to get to a shell. At least now I know that if I am away and it crashes it will be alright until I get back (as long as it holds onto my ip I will be quite happy).

Dog Pound pointed out to me that I ranked The Perfect Storm kind of rough after giving it such a good review. I defend this by stating that I was intoxicated at the time I updated last night and the rating has now been corrected to 4 out of 5 Dog Pound heads (see below)

I am VERY, VERY proud to announce a new song of the day, coming from our friend Dog Pound. This song is a classic and should be downloaded by all. It is by Half Pint. If you haven't heard of this artist before then perhaps this breif review someone once said will help you out:

"Half Pint's diminutive stature belies not only his vocal capabilities but also camouflages his huge on-stage presence, often described as no less than explosive and dynamic."
The song is Big Booty Girls. Enjoy!


End of Updates