Aug 25, 2000


I can't believe Unit3 didn't say anything about me calling him a fag ass the other day...I wonder if he didn't see it. Oh yeah, and also is going down because there will a power failure at his house and he is too much of a fag ass no know how to turn it back on. Perhaps I shouldn't be so hard on fag ass's, I mean it's not like they can help it. And given, a Fat Naked Fag-Ass just won $1 million yesterday.

Some words of anger from the mouth of soul_d spoken towards a fag ass:

"Fucking Dog Pound is complaining to me that I emailed all his family after he sent out that (no subject) email that turned into me and you talking about alf. I told him to stop sending me shit like that. Then he's like, Couldn't you just reply to me? and I was like, no. What a nerd. Then I get this email from his sister like "who are you and stop sending me this shit" she was liek irate. I was like, get the fuck off of my internet."

Are you ready for some super-happy-fun illusions?? These are courtesy of Dr. Razor...

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]

It just struck me that I haven't had a video on here for quite awhile...but then again not much could beat the Mr. T video. Nevertheless, watching a fight breakout during a bike race is pretty damn entertaining... is a Star Wars Gangsta Rap...


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