Sep 11, 2000


I went on an adventure with my Volare on Friday, but unfortunately it didn't make it home...after about a 1/2 hour of intense offroading the rear-drivers side tire was flat. Actually, it was probably flat for awhile before I noticed but hey, Super Volare. I finally got it home today after searching all weekend for a tire on a rim with a Dodge bolt pattern. Stupid Dodge.

I don't know if anyone can even read this update as my network bandwidth has been terrible this weekend. I have had numerous people report to me that they couldn't even get my page to load because it kept timing out on them. It looks like my ISP has been 'upgrading' lately, as all of the server addresses changed for the first time since I signed up. Either way,m I hope this clears up because my upstream is nearly non-existant.

Old people don't like Rappablords

For all of you who can still see this page, or for when it all clears up, I have an mp3 for you to listen too. This mp3 is not illegal, nor is it music, but it is good for a good laugh. Without a doubt. Have a listen.

I was just involved in a discussion at work about whether or not water actually drains clockwise here in the Northern hemisphere and counter-clockwise in the Southern hemisphere. Having been in this arguement before, I stated that although the Coriolis effect will cause water to drain in a clockwise direction in the Northern hemisphere (the same effect applies to wind approaching the earth's pole), it plays a very small part in the direction of the draining. In fact, the angle of the jets in the toilet, the levelness of the toilet and the roundness of the bowl have a much greater effect on the direction the water spins. Just so you know!


End of Updates