Sep 12, 2000


I know, I know, another late update. I hate doing it this way because Razor stays up all night clicking refresh to read my update. I didn't realize that anybody actually relied on my site that heavily so from now on I'll try and shape up (yeah right).

It has been rather cold outside lately, and I don't like that one bit. I awoke this morning to find it very cold in the house, and proceeded upstairs to check to temperature. When I saw that it was 19C and all the windows were open and the front door was wide open I wondered why nobody else around the house seemed to think is was cold. Probably because they are all undead zombies and have no feeling in their skin. Either way it was damn cold and thats no way to start out the day...

Blue '85 VW Golf for sale.
Only 15km!
Only used 1st gear and reverse, never driven hard.
Original tires, brakes, fuel and oil.

I never watch golf, but I managed to catch a few seconds on TV the other day of the Canadian Open where Tiger Woods of course kicked everybody else's ass. Watching this guy play golf is amazing even if you don't like the sport...the pure fact that he hit the ball out of a huge sand trap - across a wide stream and directly onto the green from 218 yards away (using a 6-iron). This guy is a freaking robot. Needless to say the fact that he wins all the time is mostly attributed to the fact of how flawlessly consistant he is, more than his killer shots. Oh yeah, and he also nailed some kid in the head with a ball and then shook the kids hand and gave him a free ball. The ball deflected of the kids head and landed right on the green. Now THATS golf...

Anyhow, enough chit-chat and on to some serious content.

I have a video for you. It is an educational video that you all should watch, just so that you know never to try this on your own. For some reason, when I first saw this video I immediately thought of YC. Anyways, this is a story about what happens when you try and piss off a cop who's had a bad day.

Busy busy busy work today, I have to jet. I've been fooling around with Adobe Photoshop lately but I realized I am a complete retard and can't make anything cool. You see, aparently (and it says this in the help) the program was designed for people with artistic talent that wanted a way to bring that talent into the 'computer world'. This is just no good for me, as I'm still waiting for a program that will just make cool pictures for me without me having to do anything but look at it and eat doughnuts while re-configuring my linux kernel in my underwear on a cold Sunday evening. I am a special kind of guy who needs very SPECIALized software...


End of Updates