Sep 14, 2000


First off today I must apologize for yesterdays pornography. It is not my intention to turn this site into a chauvinistic display of free pornography. As I have mentioned before, Rappablords is a family site and is geared towards all audiences, especially children. In my last defense, YC made me do it.

I would like to take a minute to congragulate the Foo Fighters and Brian May for a job well done covering an old Pink Floyd song titled "Have a Cigar". I heard this song playing the other day at the music store and recognized the lyrics, so I downloaded it at home (after buying the cd, of course) and listened to the whole thing. It can be found on the MI2 soundtrack. I don't remember hearing the song anywhere in the movie but hey, look at the Blair Witch Soundtrack and tell me if any of those songs were in the movie :)

Anyways I'm off-topic, download the new "Have a Cigar" here.

Some Crayon Colors that never made it

Did I already post this link? If I did, its time you visited the page again as its one of the best on the net.

Man did I ever get bitched out from Unit3 and soul_d about yesterdays pornographic update. Apparently they are homosexual (FAG ASSs) and do not appreciate pictures of female nudity on my webpage. As a result (as this accounts for 50% of my viewing audience), all future front-page nudity will be cencored with gay little stars (see pictures below).

Oh yeah, and my bandwidth seems to be back. Wahoo!


End of Updates