Sep 20, 2000


Bandwidth has been horribly shitty lately and all I can say is that I am getting really fed up with the services of my ISP. I am carefully considering a switch to an actual true-static ip from SaskTel which would be faster AND more reliable, but of course more money also.

Some more celebration of the Olympics - Afghan high dive trials.

A few days ago our glorious teachers strike ended and the protesting by stupid kids outside of my work has ended. This means that I may once again suntan out on the lawn or bath in the fountain without fear of being attacked by uneducated escapees of our public school system. Now the average teacher will be making somewhere in the nieghborhood of $165,000/year which is even more than I make.

In a way this pisses me off, but then I think "What would YC do in a situation like this?". Probably the same thing he would do in most similar situations, not care. So I won't. And life goes on...

"Hello this is my home page and not my brother daniels one, cus he sux at html. I live in a trailer park in White rock Ariazona in atrailer with my mom and my family. My mom doesn't work and I go to school with my brother daniel (who sux at html).

This is my family, we connet to the innernet with AOL
My name is Gregg"

Why does a small part of me wish this was real?

Blue4130 says:
"put this link up on your site and dont say i dont give you shit cause i do"

Rumour has it that YC may be writing an article for rblords soon that you should all look out for. Be prepared because each day he keeps it even more real than the day previous to the current day.

I also updated the RB Server Info page, not that anyone cares :)

Sep 20, 2000


Note to Mel: The drugs I was smoking are very expensive and rare and found only in certain parts of the brazilian forests. You can not have any. However, I concur that YC shall become president.

September 21, 2000

I think I finally fixed the Volare (again), it seems that the little light inside the glove box was remaining on even when the glove box was closed (it doesn't really close all the way) so I put a whole shitload of tape all over the little button that makes the light turn on. I know, I know, I could've just taken the lightbulb out, but I hadn't thought of that until I put all that tape on and damned if I'm gonna admit that I'm wrong...because I'm not.

Unit3 has graced us with another terrible joke today. I don't know why I announce these anymore, but now you know anyway...

Click for Music Video
The other day while I was at work I came across a copy of The Enquirer or some crap magazine like that which was featuring the worst picture I have ever seen of Madonna. It looked like the veins on her hands were about to burst through her skin, her face was all wrinkled and....ugh it was terrible. This helped remind me that Madonna is old and that:

  • Modern video editing and image manipulation techniques have reached the remarkable stage of being able to make you look 160 years younger.
  • The Enquirer is damn good at taking terrible pictures of anyone.
  • I am really hungry and am going to go for lunch now

Well, Dr. Razor informed me today that he is going to be taking over the updates this weekend so watch out! If the site is slow during this time, it is probably due to the huge number of hits he will be attracting.


End of Updates