Sep 26, 2000


Sheesh, I gotta get off my ass and scan some pictures of my sweet Volare before I forget about them...

I just realized that I forgot to mention YCs party in yesterdays update, although Razor and JayB have already talked about short the party was a concise conglomeration of all that is true and wise in the eyes of our lord, Larmal, and all those who follow his lead as shepherd of an idealistic religion of glutony and homosexuality known as 'EJDOM'. If you have no idea what I am talking about, perhaps you should ignore this paragraph.

Mad Pr0pz to mrp who didn't read the sign...

Blue4130 is borrowing my Super Volare today, I hope he treats it nice or I may be out of a $100 super-car (they aren't easy to come by). On the topic of the Super-Volare, I should/will have pictures of it up tomorrow for all of you who have not yet had the privilige of seeing it.

Sick of stupid, pointless videos yet? How about Terrible Jokes?

You know, I think its time to mention the fact that it has been a long, long time since anyone has sent me anything to put up on the site. Dog Pound has been rather quiet lately, Audiophile has been begging for me to worship him on the site, and even YC has been avoiding the topic of writing an article for me. Whats with you guys??? I will leave tonight with a comment I found in my mailbox this morning by the all-knowing soul_d. Perhaps you could learn a lesson from it:

"So I get this letter in the mail simply addresed: 'Are you the One?' And I'm like, 'yeah,' so I open it and it's like 'One in six people have MS, are you the one?' and I was like 'AHH!!'"


End of Updates