Sep 28, 2000


Oops! Forgot to post this update last night, here it is...

2 days ago YC sent me a joke at work and told me to post it on the site and I totally forgot about it and now I'm in shit, so here it is. Click if you dare.

Can you pick which one is me??

I see that Mel has made a big update to her page and even posted an article! I have a feeling I am going to have some strong competition soon with her and Razor closing in on me in hits...

Man, ever since Dog Pound damaged my foot in a wrestling-related incident I have given up my dream of becoming the WWF heavyweight champion, but this picture has caused me to change my mind.

Wow. I spent last night trying to install Windows 95 on my system while not destroying Windows 2000, and it wasn't an easy task (getting them both to work that is). Because of this, the update is short. Boo hoo, I'm sure you all care :) And yes I know, I didn't post Volare pictures....wait for tomorrow....I promise! (again)


End of Updates