Sep 29, 2000


Last day of the month and I'm sure you are all just wondering what exciting news I have for you. Well, wait no more because the Volare pictures are here. I am even thinking of starting to make a Super-Volare series of comics which would appear daily. Watch out for that!

Something seems to be wrong with Mel lately, she has updated her site 2 days in a row. So everybody should go drop on by and let her know if you masturbate or not, 'cause that seems to be on her mind...

YC has been bugging me a lot lately about needing some porno, and being the smart man I am, I know it is best to please his wishes. As a result I present to you the girl on the right. Click the 6 pictures for different shots, but be careful! Some of them contain adult content!!

Oh and about those Volare pictures that I have, they will be up tomorrow. HA! Had you going there didn't I? Don't worry, it's all very much worth it. Right now I am trying to get ahold of Larmal and see if he will pose for me in front of the car while givin it to some black dude.

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I have been getting quite a bit of responses on my request for content lately, I'm quite impressed. Soul_d sent me this 40 meg Britney Spears video, YC sent me some handy info on world laws and regulations, and an top of all that, I am expecting some articles coming in the near future as well. Keep it up!


End of Updates