Oct 05, 2000


Well, just when I thought that I was done with all my server problems, they came back to haunt me and there was a breif downtime tonight of a couple hours. I assume this is a hardware problem and I am replacing parts from oden one at a time to try and isolate the winner. Soon it will be stable again, oh yes!

YC was complaining today that since the server was down for a couple days, his article got pushed to the bottem of the page where nobody will notice it. In response to this complaint I am posting the link again. Just trying to keep my readers happy! Especially the surly ones...

You may have noticed a few changes in the menu panel on the left, including the addition of the 'Old Site Layouts' section. This section is kinda lame, but I figured it should be linked to before I totally forgot about it, and because revamping my site to look like other sites took a fucking long time for only being up for 2 days. Maybe in the future I can get around to ripping off other sites as well...

I have a video today, given to me by the great Audiophile, a video that you should all watch and learn from, so that you may finally realize the true answer to the question you have been wanting to ask for so many years: "Why is Darbie's friend Rebecca in a wheelchair?". It is simply stop-motion videography at its best. Check it out. WARNING: Adult content. :)

Razor is pushing me to update so that he can go to bed, so I'm gonna rush off for today. If anyone knows of a good way to snap a stillframe from a .mpg, .asf or .avi file I would appreciate it if you let me know, because it really pisses me off that just taking a screenshot while the movie is playing doesn't work!


End of Updates