Oct 09, 2000


Alllright... Long weekend, busy busy busy. I have just finished completely wiping oden and re-installing everything in a desperate attempt to get rid of whatever it was that was crashing the machine every 8 hours. Hopefully the problem is now gone, and we are back up and running with no interuptions. Then again, I never seem to be that lucky...

This weekend went by rather fast for me, but I did manage to:
  • Eat 2 Thanksgiving Dinners
  • Get a large portion of barbed wire fence stuck underneith my Volare
  • Destroy my Supra
  • End up with a huge old cabinet TV and VCR on my lawn
  • Eat an entire large bag of RAVE Salt&Vinegar chips in one sitting
  • Drag an old 286 behind Audiophile's car over cement road, creating a nice spark shower
  • Overclock an old 486 SX/25 to approx. 50Mhz using an old CB-radio crystal.
Most of that is self-explanitory except maybe a couple...I got in an accident while driving my Supra on Thursday night, ending up with a few scratches and dents on the drivers side of the car. Insured of course, so its going in tomorrow for an estimate. A rather large TV and VCR ended up on my lawn between the time of 2:00AM and 2:30AM Saturday morning. Knowing immediately that this must have had something to do with Unit3, I quickly planned a revenge. Unfortunately I realized that I had no idea where he lives at the moment, I had no choice but to drop it off at soul_d's house, to complete his back-yard arangement. soul_d wasn't too happy about this. NOTE TO SOUL_D: "You will always suffer for the pain Unit3 brings me"

The 486 overclocking experiment hasn't met with complete success yet, but soon will I am sure. I'm hoping to get the thing going at least a gigahertz so that it can beat Blue4130's Athlon. Speaking of Blue4130, he's back online once again after moving into his new place!

Now, I have a whole shit-load of content to post, and I really doubt I will be able to get around to it tonight, so you may have to wait an extra day. Please forgive me if I forgot anything, and let me know if I did. Also let me know if anything funny has been going on with the site (other than it being down occasionally), as these re-installs always leave me forgetting something...

Now THATS motivation

Dog Pound and I have been working out big time lately in hopes to encourage the local children to do the same, and join our unholy army of the night. That's one of the miracles of small children, you can mold them into whatever you want by teaching them how to live, kill, destroy and not care.

First lesson for you kiddies out there: How to catch a football.

I think thats about all the content that you or I can handle for the night. Expect a sweet article from none other than Blue4130 tomorrow, along with various other super-goodies and maybe even some good porn


End of Updates