Oct 12, 2000



Excuse me for being a bit slow, but I just got around to reading the updates on EJ and found out that Larmal, co-ruler of ExtremeJerks.com, has retired. This is a sad, sad time in the history of the internet. However, that doesn't have to stop us from honoring/makingfunof him! So, in the spirit of things I am declaring today official Larmal day!

Sifting through the classifieds at work today, I came across a gem of a car. 1979 Ford LTD Country Squire station wagon. Originally posted at $700, reduced to sell at $450. Need I say more? If I didn't already have enough of a handful with the Super-Volare around, I'd pick this thing up in a second. I mean come on, its three times the car!
Ahhh...good ol' Aussi Water Polo

I finally managed to get Office 2000 installed on my machine (thanks Audiophile for the copy) and I was able to read and post Blue4130's new article. I thought it would have been bigger, but it DOES announce a large super-party at his new place so check it out!

To finish off today's crappy content, I have a new comic for you all in honor of the end of the Larmal era...so check it out!.


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