Oct 13, 2000


Damnit I feel like shit today, I think I may have been infected by something from one of my many sexual partners...

A couple days back I received an email from Javagirl with a poem that describes why it is that computers crash. This Dr. Seuss-like poem explains a lot of things, but works against the whole Rappablords theory which JayB had me convinced of for so long. Either way, its worth a read, so READ IT!

No matter how often you do a job, never comprimise safety.
This applies to every proffesion, from Programmer Analyst, to prositutes, to Beavers....

Dr. Razor gave me an mpg of an old Warner-Bros cartoon featuring some good old fashioned racism. I have to warn you - its 80megs and you would be stupid to download it, but here it is: Coal Black and the Sebben Dwarfs.

Wow, we are now nearing 10'000 hits, and I am thinking more and more that I need a site redesign. Hmmmm... websites take too much time, its kinda stupid. You know, like I should just be able to think things and they should appear in a pretty layout for me. Damnit, if somebody would come up with software to do that I would give them $1, no questions asked.

Thought of the day: It is impossible to fold any piece of paper more than 7 times


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