Oct 18, 2000


Damnit...seems like this week should be over already and its only Wednesday. Its a really long time until next payday, and I have a rather expensive deductable to pay for my car (yeah, I know YC, I should have a package policy)...

You guys all have to check out this mp3 I came across of William Shatner giving a 'I Am Canadian' speech. I must warn you though, if you are a die-hard trekkie fan like Dylan then this may depress you. I have to give Shatner a thumbs up for this one tho, as he has a good sense of humour about himself...

Click on Shatner's face to download the sample, or Click Here.

I caught some interesting news today, which you probably all already know, but I think I will post it anyways:

"Microsoft has set internal delivery timetables and design goals for its next-generation Windows release, code-named Whistler. September 18, 2000 4:51 PM ET The product: Microsoft's 'Whistler,' a Windows 2000 successor. The goal: To go gold on April 18."

Is is just me or is it a little early to be introducing another Windows version already? Talk about flooding the market, pretty soon nobody will have the right version of windows to do everything and software developers will become so frustrated that they will just go back to writing software for the Commodore 64, and then there would be much rejoicing from my end. C=64 rox.

I have some exciting pictures for everybody to get us into the halloween spirit, but they will have to wait for tomorrow because I like to make you wait for everything. Thats right, complain all you want. Wait, I don't hear anything...

And start posting on the Discussion Board already, its getting pretty dull...help me hit that 10'000 hit mark!

Oh yeah, and

the king of kings, asked to be mentioned in this update and I am honored to refer to him on my presigious site...


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