Oct 20, 2000



YO YO YO!!! This is the one and only Dog Pound , giving out a special shout on rblords first annual DOG POUND DAY!!! After months of petitions, and thousands aof calls, Spitfire finally decided to make history!! How he made history is still yet to be seen...but hey...DOG POUND DAY!!

Some sweet DP pics:

This is a day of reckoning, a day of looking at the sweet sweet leisure girls, and most importanly, an intimate look into the man called Dog Pound Down below are some sweet pictures, of yours truly, all representing Dog Pound's past, present and future!!! Dp's school of higher learning, his younger days, to his more present"care free" attitude!! I have also attached a hilarious movie, hoping one day this will happen to someone I know!!!

Pictures of the tornado I survived, when I was temporarily possesed , and a FIRST for rblords.....a scantily clad DOG POUND!! Better prepare those toilets folks, cuz this one's a heaver!! So many words....let's let the pictures tell the story, of a young man's torment, coming of age, and most importanly, small wang..... So sit back, enjoy some sweet Dog Pound content, and watch all your worries grow into huge, boil like creatures....

Last but not least, enjoy this funny movie about what happens when you're name is Jack.



End of Updates