Oct 23, 2000


One more week and a day until payday and I'm really hurting for cash...today I should be able to pick up my Supra and spend what little money I have on my terribly high deductable.

You know, the nice thing about my job as compared to previous jobs that I have held is that I never feel bad on Sundays. I used to hate having to go to work, or to school on Monday morning, but I really don't mind anymore. Hell, if I didn't have to start until noon I'd probably go everyday. I've been really busy at work the previous couple weeks tho, and I think I have to find a better way to keep track of my work. So far I have had a pad of paper on my desk to write down all the jobs I need to take care of. This worked pretty flawlessly as long as I could keep track of the paper, and didn't blow it off my desk with my compressed air can (I love that thing). However, yesterday I had a look at it to see what I needed to do and I came across the phrase "fishbowl comp girl access to something". Does that make sense? It took me two hours to finally remember what that meant and it still didn't really make sense.

Well, Unit3 is going to kill me but I have found some more official Mr. T content. This clip advertises a game-show in which the contestants have to stay in a trailer with Mr. T for a whole month. A difficult task indeed. Check it out! And mad pr0pz to __SPACE__ for the link!

"Who's gonna give Mr. T a foot rub???"

This past Friday I ended up at Blue4130's house and had a breif discussion with Unit3 about destroying things. It appears there are plans in the making regarding the TV that is sitting in soul_d's backyard. It seems that there will be a lucky 'prize recipient' within the next week or so.

Above are some sweet Volare pictures taken fresh from this weekend by Dog Pound's digital camera. On the left you see the Volare facing some harsh Saskatchewan weather (we get frequent dust storms), in the center is a sweet profile of the super-volare, and on the right is the super-volare pushing a Ford Fairmont (for sale *reduced* $45 - phone 230-6173).

Last but not least, I have an article from the one and only Audiophile. In this article, he discusses the state of today's modern high school student, Check it out! I added the pictures to give it some color...

Note from DP to soul_d: "FREE JAMES WAYNE OR ELSE!"


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