Oct 30, 2000


Some links for you today:

So, JayB has started his job working tech support over the phone. All I can say is that I have dialed into tech support lines maybe twice in my life, and from my experience I couldn't image anyone better to place on the other line. I mean, when I phone because my service is poor I expect them not to do anything about it, but I would at least appreciate some humour and/or honesty on the other side to entertain me while I wait for it to come back up. I think Jay should post his work phone # so we can all phone him with our problems...

This site sucks. We're ovre 10'000 hits now which I guess is pretty amazing considering I only have 5 readers and I've only been up for 8 months. Actually, thats probably not very amazing at all. However, I insist on maintaining this page because of its avid suckiness factor and ability to make people complain.

Anyhow...onto some content. I have to say the articles sent in by my avid readers lately have been anything but sane. Here I am opening my mailbox to find a mindless rant about Japanese singers written by Blue4130. I think good ol' Blue is developing deep seeded emotional issues towards the entire world...

Ouch. I was running some wires in the ceiling of my basement yesterday and I now have millions of little glass shavings under my skin from the insulation. It wouldn't be so bad except a few of the bigger pieces have found their way into my heart.

soul_d has been so nice as to bestow yet another huge-ass video unto my site. Today I present you with The REAL Metallicops! This isn't that old animated crap from CampChaos.com, this is live actors people!

The beautiful antique cabinet TV which appeared on my lawn only weeks ago, then found its way to soul_d's house, has claimed yet another victem. Sometime between the time of midnight and 1:30AM the television was escorted to the residence of Kujo, a close friend, and the newest reciepient of the "Super TV Prize Giveaway" founded by Unit3. Kujo was so thrilled upon arrival of this beatiful gem of technology that he was almost speechless, even the next morning, barely being able to utter the simple phrase "Get that fucking TV off of my lawn".

Despite the comotion caused by this whole TV fiasco, I managed to get out and pick myself up a DvD player, which I have wanted for quite some time. I have justified this by thinking that now I have something decent to ask for for christmas - movies. The only problem is that I can't seem to find any of my favorite titles on DvD that I can easily pick up on VHS, such as Tushy Heaven, or Whack Attack 7...

Oh oh, I almost forgot. I recieved a call today from the CEO of KazCorp Industries today, and he informed me that there are some cheap RAM prices available. Check out his page for pricing details...

Anyhow, thats about all for today. Just remember: "Keep fit, and have fun"


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