Nov 02, 2000


Hmmm...November already and still no snow... although if its going to be freezing every morning with frost on my windows I think that there could at least be some snow on the ground so that people could crash into each other and make our insurance bills higher. I mean, think about it...

Today at work my friend Mark tried to convince me to apply for a new job posting for a 'Computer Operator'. I was curious as to what this job entailed, so I took a look at the posting. I then found out that this was basically a help desk job where you take calls and work crappy shifts, and if something bad does happen then you call a 'tech-support profesional', which is basically what I am now. Oh yeah, and it paid about 5% less than I am getting paid currently. After informing Mark of this his response was quite simply "Hey, nothing's sweeter than a pay cut." Amen to that, my friend. I'm going to apply tomorrow.

In the news, 6 convicts escaped from our local jail a few days ago. To give all you outsiders a clue about how smart our criminals are, lets look at a few details:
  • One of them got caught shortly after because he appeared in public with blood on him, and when asked by a convienience store employee what happened he said he was mugged. The employee then called the police, which he waited for and informed them that he had been mugged. Figuring he would outsmart the police, he gave them a fake name.
  • Two more of the convicts took up lodging in a place on 22nd street on our west side. An anonymous tip led police to this house late halloween night, where the police then called "Trick or Treat" and when the two guys came to the door (together) the police handcuffed them and took them away.
  • One of the remaining escapees has a last name of 'Slippery'. He will never be caught again.

Last but not least today, I have an incredibly insightful article written by none other than soul_d, the author of your favorite RBlords article, "An Open Letter to the Unfaithful". This time instead of tackling the mysteries of religion and social behaviour, soul_d has taken to writing about are far more pressing issue in today's world..."How Yamahas Work". Its worth a read if you appreciate the writings of this truly unique and perspicacious author. After all, he WILL be a champion of freedom and justice.


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