Nov 06, 2000



I guess it couldn't last forever, this wonderfully above-average temperature fall but I suppose its time for the white stuff to stay. This kinda sucks for me as it means I will be condoned to driving the Super-Volare, and the Super-Volare only. Good thing I tuned her up yesterday. Only problem is when I checked the coolant level, there was no coolant so I was like "Well, the block can't crack if it has NO water in it. This must be safe"

You laugh, but I predict that this picture speaks miles of truth about the future of our auto industry. Don't you agree? I mean, we already have chopped down versions of the Windows CE operating system in some of our high-end cars/SUVs today. Pretty soon there won't be anything left for mechanics to do, you will just have to take your car to FutureShop for a tune-up, or processor upgrade...

"Yes, I'd like you to take a look at my car. It seems that whenever I accelerate abruptly, it crashes. I think it needs some more RAM."

The past week at work was a little nuts for me at work. Twice as many calls, twice as many projects, twice as many problems. Of course with all of this comes twice as much powerpoint porno presentations. I get these emailed to me all the time from other people at work. I started to wonder why nobody stopped people from doing this, which is quite hard on the email server, but then I realized that if anyone was to do anything about it, it would be me, and I wasn't quite in the mood for that.

I was FINALLY able to snag a picture of Razor as a kid
Thankx Mel for the wicked link!


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