Nov 14, 2000


No update yesterday because it was a holliday for me. Its kinda funny, ever since I started working with computers on a daily basis, I'm far less inclined to actually use my own computer at home. In fact, the only time I ever use my computer anymore is to update this site, and sometimes I just do that from work anyhow. I really want to buy a new monitor to replace this crappy 14" which I have had forever, but I just can't decide whether it is worth it or not when I look at how much I use it. I spend more time using my linux box than my main machine when it all comes down to it...

I know its a little old, but how about a video of Bill Gates getting hit with a pie?

Seems JayB has been getting a little bit blue over the maintenance of his site and it almost sounded like he was considering discontinuing it. So why don't you fire him an email to remind him just how much you really care.


End of Updates