Nov 24, 2000


And the flaming wars continue...

I spent all day at work excited because there was a possibility that when I got home there would be a brand new monitor staring at me, but alas there was not. I really hope it gets here tomorrow because the wait is killing me.

Finally some real exciting news to grace the front page of the best webpage on the internet...Michael Jackson has a new single out. Yes, you heard it right and you heard it here first folks.

After waiting for the smoke from his huge court battle over child molestation, MJ is back and kickin out some phat rhymes. His new single "Jealous Ghost" includes a modern beat, but other than that it blends in well with any other MJ hit you have sitting on your shelve.

The single isn't actually out on shelves quite yet (settle down!), but MJ has personally given express permission to the staff of Rappablords to promo his new hit, so you can download it here.

If anybody experiences problems with this site over the weekend, I am offering an apologize in advance. I'm not 100% sure yet, but oden may be going down for an upgrade. At the same time, I have been wrestling to get MySQL working and its getting to be a bit of a pain in the ass. I don't remember it ever being this damn hard last time I had it working but that was over a year ago and my memory just aint that damn good :)...

You know what I hate? Rocks. They just get in your way, they chip your car, they get in yours eyes and hurt your feet. I hate rocks. Almost as much as I hate you.

Wanna know another thing I hate? Well I can't think of anything else I hate right now. I guess I'm just too filled with love.


Who needs a truck anyway?

In other news I downloaded an mp3 ripper today, so I have been encoding all of my store-bought audio cds into mp3s for no real reason. I'm kinda dissapointed though because the damn encoder doesn't seem to be multi-threaded so its not effectively using both of my CPUs. Doesn't that just piss you off?

YC just informed me that he is very damn close to having one year of cracking time for SETI. Too bad he will never catch up to me! NEVER I SAY!!! Okay, I think its time for bed for me...


End of Updates