Nov 28, 2000


Almost the end of the month, and almost payday!!

I can't believe how fast Christmas is creeping up on us this year. Its already getting dark around 5:30 every night, people are setting up christmas trees, and carols are playing in the malls. Is it just me or does christmas seem to start earlier every year??

Today I have a special treat for all you loyal RBlords fans. Since neither Blue4130 NOR Audiophile sent me an article to post, I was forced to write my own. I tried to stick with a topic that everyone would find informative and useful. So please click the link below and pay special attention, because you never know when you may need to know....

How to Build your own Super Sky Fortress and protect it aginast the forces of Evil

Shit I'm tired today, and just for that reason I have nothing else to say. You can check out this naked picture of Britney Spears if you want...or you can view the original here. Fun fun fun. (yawn)


End of Updates