Dec 05, 2000


Alright, I promised a totally excellent update for tonight, and I won't dissapoint you! There's lots of stuff to get through, so hold on and ride it through...

Before I get started I'd like to mention (although I already sorta did) that I spent a good portion of last night tracking down a security hole on oden which allowed an anonymous prankster to break through sometime later last week and screw around with __SPACE__'s page. This problem has been eliminated, so you don't have to worry any longer! I'm sure you were all VERY concerned...but aside from all of this I have decided to upgrade oden's hardware and I am currently on the lookout for an AT form factor socket370 motherboard that can be set to run at 500Mhz or greater. I haven't had any luck finding a mb that fits this description so far, but if you have one please fire me an email.

Anyhow, let me start out this update by informing everyone that Dog Pound is very sick, and has been for about a week now, however he did manage to make it out of bed just long enough to hunt me down a video to post on the site. This video is kind of funny because when I first watched it I thought that the guy in it was in fact Razor, but alas it is not. Check it out anyway, that is if you like seeing people getting hurt...

I think everybody needs to know that there is a new article by the author of The History of the Macintosh out, and it is all about Debian Linux. This is very educational material, so please have a read...(unlike YC who refuses to visit the links I post).

Wow...all of this learning...when will it stop?!?!?

Today I finally present to you an article from the seldom heard, and often misunderstood Blue4130. Within in, he discusses (and reviews) a new game called "Alice" which looks like its going to be quite the game. I remember Larmal telling me about this game about a year ago, and how happy and giddy he was when he found that background wallpaper of Alica holding a bloody knife and looking really mean. Awww...those were the good ol' days. Where has that Larmal kid gone anyhow? I guess we'll never know. But either way, check out the review...

(yawn) sheesh, this update has taken me forever to make today! But thats not all! Remember when RBlords used to have comics all the time?? Remember when the title 'The Daily Comic' actually meant something?? Well, apparently Soul_d does, because he's sent in a comic for today! Yay!

I have more to post, including a new Reader Bio, an icon for your windows desktop, and a couple of other goodies but they will all have to wait for tomorrow. See you all then!


End of Updates