Dec 15, 2000


Super-Volare made it to work and back without complaining so I'm hoping that it got all that rebelling (and built up carbon deposits) out of its system..

We haven't had any good pr0n on the site for awhile, and for the most part I have stopped putting it up simply because thats the job of The SDB Server. However, today is you're lucky day because I just happened to have a large amount forwarded to me at work today. How about a group photos of all of the German Playboy Playmates? Or if naked cheerleaders are your thing maybe you should take a look at The Viking Cheerleaders, or our own local husky cheerleaders. Had enough? Well tough thats all I got.

There are many things in life that you probably shouldn't drive $100 cars in the winter, sleep in your garage with the car running, and picking a fight with a bear over some food that he worked very hard to catch. Yesterdays update should have given you sufficient reason to steer away from the first situation, the second situation I may be wrong about (try it and get back to me), but the third one is what we are here to learn today.

Check out this video to find out why...

In case some of you haven't heard yet, it seems that the automotive giant General Motors have announced that they will be phasing out the Oldsmobile division. After over a century of existance, Olds will finally see the end of its line of vehicles. I am assuming based on the fact that Olds has always focussed on sport-luxury sedans, that the SUV market has a very large role in their loss of sales. Too bad, because I really liked the Bravada...

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