Jan 04, 2001


Well, believe it or not I'm still doing a fair amount of work to the page in an attempt to make it a little more modular, and to make full use of the database backend. When I'm done hopefully the archives of old videos, songs, and articles will be aranged a little nicer...and you will be able to view old updates not only by month, but by author as well. Now all that is left is to come up with a decent design for the webpage that doesn't look like its been designed by a monkey (me). Oh well, that can wait!

So Thursday it is, and do I have content for you! Do I? Why yes I think I do. Thanks to my loyal readers! Namely YC, who has provided us with a new article that deals with so many issues I can't even list them here....Well, actually its mostly discussing current female pop stars and the stupid fans that support them, but there are some racial slurs in there somewhere too so have a peek.

Along with the article, YC has also provided me with a new comic. I don't really understand what it is all about but I think there is a deep, deep meaning to it that has something to do with EJ and their recent death. But then again, maybe its just about my cat...

I should also mention that I went with Unit3 today to go bitch at his claims adjuster and find out why his car is locked up in the inpound. They then told him that they were writing it off and would give him $300 for it (he paid $1000). The second choice was to withdrawl his claim and just keep the car and get himself a wheel alignment and forget about the body work, so guess which choice he made? So it looks like he will have his car back afterall with a few dents and bruises (he did knock over a light pole with it, afterall).

Anyhow...other than that there's not much I have to say. Happy thursday!


End of Updates