Jan 08, 2001


Back to another 5 day week, and the longest stretch of work without stat hollidays in the entire year...not a day off until Easter. On top of that this also happens to be the longest period between pay-days that I have ever had to endure, and thanks to some mis-calculations on my part I have found myself without a penny only 8 days after I got paid....this really suX0rs.

So I heard from mrp the other day, and although I think I already knew about it and forgot, he totally scored a job working for C-Cube down in California for about 3x my salary :). On the plus side (is there a negative side to this??) he'll be living in the same city as his girlfriend, so I figure this means he is never coming back. Now, I just happen to be in posession of Unit3's old 9 passenger station wagon so I think its time to call a ROAD TRIP!

Congratulations to Wendy and Ryan on their recent engagement! For those of you who don't know who they are, just smile and nod. To those who do, why not swing by Kelsey and congratulate them in person? Anyways, its off-topic but when did the CST Page get all crappy again?

Ok, I am officially cancelling/closing the RBlords skin contest because of ALL OF MY LAZY READERS! The only submissions to the contest were by Razor, whose design was featured on the Dec. 19th Update, and 3 skins from Saul Bahir (only 1 of which was accpetable to show here - pictured on the right).

Since there were only two 'official' entires, I am not declaring a winner...therefore I don't have to buy anyone a doughnut! If either Razor or Saul have any problems with this decision, they can take it up with me over some coffee and a doughnut.


Before I forget to mention it, I must apologize if this page is loading slowly. I'm running some stress tests on oden in an attempt to locate the defective stick of RAM which causes the system to die every month or so. So basically I'm down to 32megs of RAM from 64, and I'm running a SETI client which eats about 16megs of RAM so as you can probably imagine, Apache and MySQL are a little starved for resources...

Keep those articles rolling in!

soul_d has been hard at work trying to please his new RBlords audience, and would like you to come to his section to share in the happiness that is the Circle K.

I haven't been to a Circle K in a long time, ever since they all mysteriously dissapeared...however, looking at that sign on the left just made me think of the time that I went out bumper shining (an old Saskatoon ritual in which you drag people on sleds behind your car at high speeds and have wars trying to knock each other off), and I fell off my sled when I was on the shortest rope. Right behind me was was girlfriend, Dawn, who then proceeded to (accidently, of course) run over me with one of those NOMA 3-ski plastic racers. This probably wouldn't have hurt nearly as much if we hadn't been sliding over some patches of pavement which had burned through the plastic on the NOMA and exposed the cold steel frame.

Anyhow, the point of the story was that even though I was done for the night, I still managed to stop by the 7-11 (not the Circle K but similar) and buy a slurpee while bleeding from my head while only wearing jeans and a ripped up old flannel shirt that only had one button left to hold it on (there were also blood stains on it). Ahhhh....the memories...

I seem to have discovered __SPACE__'s weakness when it comes to updating her site. Seems like she's running out of ideas, so why not send her ideas for her to talk about, so that I have something to read everyday! I used to stop by Mel's page, razor's page, and EJ everyday but now everything is dying off.....EXCEPT FOR RBLORDS!

One last thing before I bring an end to this very early update, YC made a nifty icon for RBlords which will now appear if you make a new bookmark to my site. If you are using IE5 or higher it should appear beside the link, and apparently also in the main address bar if you clear out your history or something like that. Try it out, I'm sure the happiness you will receive will be nothing short of amazing. Overwelming even, perhaps.........quite.


End of Updates