Jan 15, 2001


Greetings, my loyal readers...it seems like its been a long time since the last update but perhaps thats just the effect of all of the wild partying I was part of this weekend. As you may have noticed, soul_d has volunteered to submit occasional 'Weekend Updates' for the site, so you may now be blessed with 1 more day of updates per week! My plan is to hopefully integrate a little more of my readers ideas into the site by allowing casual updates by my serious fans such as Dog Pound, Razor, YC, and soul_d. If anyone else would like to get into this action, just drop me a line, because I'm always perfectly willing to weasle out of some work.

I've been doing a lot of upgrades to the framework of the site lately...most of which you probably haven't been able to notice. If you take a look on the menu bar to the left you will notice that there is one extra section for 'Top Misc Downloads'. Also, all of the Top5 listings in the menu bar are now being dynamically derived from the SQL database. What does this mean for you? Not much yet...but in the long run it will require less work for me to maintain this damn site, leaving more time for me to make quality updates!

Next on the list is re-doing the Comic Section and updating the Archives page. Big job, but it has to get done eventually!

The picture to the top-right is that of a beautiful 1978 Volare station wagon. soul_d sent me the picture and I thank him for it.

(yawn) ... back to work but at least its payday! Until tomorrow, have a listen to this song to keep you awake. It was forwarded to me by the great mrp so you just know that its going to be good!


End of Updates