Jan 23, 2001


Well surprise, surprise, I actually have some content lined for for everybody today, some tasteful, some to the contrary. But before I get onto the exciting stuff I would like to state to the world that I am tired of this damned cold, and I am tired of fixing sowing machines with resource conflicts and I am tired of my Super-Volare not making it up small hills. . Nice to get that out of my system. Speaking of system, where the hell has Razor been lately? Seems like he's vanished from the face of the e-world! Maybe he's off investing in Ginger.

Bored? How about figuring out who that was that you kissed last night, or maybe learn to be a meaner person. Then you can thank Kujo for the rad links!

Well, Blue4130 has graced us with a modern glance at the various techie-toys that are available to us today. It's worth a read, to see what those zany Japanese folks have been up to this last little while...with all their quiet planning, and scheming...and the YELLING and the fighting and the dissagreeing, and the love, lets not forget the love.

Sheesh...first the computerized sowing machine, and now this. Whats next? Bionic commando monkeys with borg-like implants that persuade them to carry out your each and every order, even if that order means violating one of the 3 laws of monkey honor that they are sworn to protect? Yeah right!
After much thought, and persuation from some readers who knew about it, I have decided to publish YC's newest comic. This comic was sent to me last week, and upon actually looking at it last night I decided that it was too harsh to put up on this site, but this just goes to show that I am a pushover and a sellout and that I can be convinced to put just about everything (notice the JUST ABOUT, DP). So anyway enjoy the comic, and if you have a problem with it, just bitch on the discussion board!

Thats enough sweetness for tonight though, its beginning ot disgust me. I hope you all have a wonderful night, free of pain and illness.


End of Updates