Jan 25, 2001


Well now, I just finished watching my new DvD movie "Gone in 60 Seconds". Has everyone seen that yet? If not you'd better go check it out! Then you can go out and rent the original which is even better (warning: the original version is an extreme GUY movie which 90% consists of a giant car chase with the police. It kicks serious ass). Anyhow, I have to say that considering most people don't even know that there was an original, they did a pretty good job of 'remaking' it...and even through in a few comments and scenes to entertain the fans of the original movie as well. This movie makes me want to buy a Ferrari.

DO YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS?!? Yes, thats right, its time for the RBLORDS song of the day! Now, this doesn't happen everyday, in fact in only happens today, so you'd better pay attention. Today's "RBLORDS song of the day" was submitted by The Saint...so everybody please take a moment to download and listen to YC's THEME MUSIC. WOOOOOOOOEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

I'm kinda pressed for time today (what else is new?) so I haven't had much time to go through the hoards of links that Kujo has been sending me. I did find this link to be a fun read though, it shows all of the best TV cars, what they are and why they are so awesome. He also sent me a link to this very RBLORDS worthy movie clip of Some guy trying to ski off of his roof into his truck. Its worth a watch people!

I'd like to welcome K1020 to the site also, its been awhile since he's been around! You can catch him on the Discussion Board if you want.

Anyhow I'm like totally outta here so catchya on the flip side...l8r!


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