Jan 29, 2001


Wow, what a weekend, I don't think I have had such a great in a long, long while! Friday night I was out in Hepburn for a night with some friends from work, then last night....well just look over to the picture on your right and you can figure that one out. Thats right, it wasn't amateurs night afterall, I guess that was earlier in the afternoon, but what the hell we weren't about to leave after we payed cover. I still can't believe that YC took off his shirt and pole danced for half an hour! Ok, well maybe not, but Dog Pound figured we'd better get a poloroid picture to remember the occasion so there it is, now Unit3 can see what he missed.

Oh yeah, and before anyone gives me shit, be aware that I was presured into going to showgirls by my peers, and had that picture taken against my will.

Anyhow the night was a blast, soul_d, Audiophile, YC, Dog Pound, Blue4130 and myself were in attendance, as well as a friend of YC's.

So, here I am, totally out of money....on a Sunday afternoon doing an Monday update very early. I suppose I should be watching the superbowl if I had any interest in it whatsoever, maybe I'll catch the end :). Then I believe the new Survivor show is supposed to premiere right afterwards, that could be interesting. Other than that, what is there to do on a Sunday?!? A whole lotta Simpsons, Praying and Cheap Cheeseburgers!

Did somebody say Ghostbusters?!??

While I was poking around on the net today I came across GBCentral.com, a ghostbusters super-fan page which covers the two ghostbusters movies, the animated cartoon series, as well as the new animated cartoon series "Extreme Ghostbusters". Actually, this cartoon isn't new as it supposed is supposed to take place in the hip techo-world of the '90s, but the story is that the original ghostbusters are all in their 40s, and have been replaced by a team of Egon's students with a new shwack of gizzmos, etc.

Check out the bios of the new crew here...
Or watch the original REAL Ghostbusters animated WAZZZUP video HERE!

Personally, I love the stereotypical crew they've put together....a genious in a wheelchair (also the 3rd best wheelchair basketball player in the world), a black guy who comes from a "lower-middle class, but loving family" who owns a '74 Mustang and trips and falls alot, and some quiet, goth chick thats into incantations and has been a recluse ever since her "loving grandmother died". You can even watch whole episodes of this cartoon here.

Well, I'd better get running and actually do something today before its too late. If you really need something to pass time with, why not find out when you're going to die? If you're looking for something less morbid, maybe check out ChickenHead.com. Got problems with gas? Consider a Flatulance Filter to avoid embarrasement! These links, as always, presented to us by Kujo, the super-freak.


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