Feb 05, 2001


Beautiful update, soul_d, it almost made me cry!

So, as you may have gathered from the "Weekend Update", I went out bowling late Friday night after challenging DP to a game, promising to kick his ass. Of course, I did so kick his ass in the first frame, but then in the 2nd frame he pulled ahead mostly because I was just fooling around and wasn't trying anymore. So, overall I am still the champion. I should mention that Unit3 broke 200 which was pretty cool. Only bad thing is that YC skipped town so he couldn't come show us how its done, Blaine Lake style. Nonetheless, I made a moderate effort at keeping it real, and in the end isn't that the most anyone can expect?

Audiophile, our main man, has prepared an article for RBlords. Well, actually, its more of an article directed solely at DP, but what can I say? I'm starving for articles here! This article is a bed-time story about how DP became an educated man, and why no-one understands him (but his woman). Can you dig it?.

For anyone that cares, the main RBlords site is now averaging about 50 unique hits per day. These are actually hits BTW, not to be confused with 'page views'. I'm started to get a lot of hits coming from search engines, namely Yahoo. I never signed up for that engine, so I guess now I know who those bots were working for.

Weather, weather, weather. With the Super-Volare dead there's not much I can think of other than spring, sun, and beaches. Not bitches, beaches. I am done with winter. I normally don't complain about winter all that much but for some reason I just want to dive back into summer again. Perhaps I need to get out and buy myself a snowmobile or something to keep me occupied, as building snow-forts just doesn't seem to do it for me anymore. And remember, this summer is the "Summer of YC", so everybody best look out, THERE'S GONNA BE TROUBLE!

I also still have to figure out what I'm going to do about The Saint getting married right in the middle of PIKE LAKE 2001. This is seriously screwing me over. It wouldn't be that big of a deal if the wedding was IN SASKATOON, but he has to get married 2 hours out of town! Right now the standing plan is for myself and YC to drive to the wedding that Saturday at a speed of 230kph so that we can get there in just under an hour and then get back in just under an hour as well.



End of Updates