Feb 06, 2001


So I had a little bit of a chat with YC today about how spring is just around the corner. I've been pissed off for the past month or so ever since I remembered that April existed, meaning that it was that much longer until I was going to see the melting of the snow. YC then comforted me by informing me that on his birthday (Apr. 6 I think), there are usually puddles everywhere. This made me happier, so now if winter isn't over within two months I'm going to take it out on him....or DP. YC then told me a story about how he pissed some guy off on the freeway today who followed him home and yelled at him. It was a good story, really.

Speaking of YC, he has prepared a little bit of a rant for us today. I have entitled it: "Us people today aint done shit"

My exciting story about work today is all about how I managed to misplace 100 brand new, still in the box computers. Sometime this afternoon I trekked my way upstairs to grab one of the 100 new PentiumIII-800s but when I opened the door to the server room they were all gone. When I asked where they went and when they would be back, nobody knew. After being passed off to many different people I eventually located my computers on the other side of the building in a small storage room behind an elevator, where they were stacked all the way up to the 10 ft. tall ceiling. I then had to balance myself on many desks with wheels, trying to reach the one on the top, hoping not to create some horrible land-slide disaster. I got it down safe somehow, but thats my story.

Pretty exciting, hey?

Blue4130 swung by today as I was typing this update, and informed me of this link which he found when searching for "RBlords" on google.com. At first it seemed weird that my entire June updates had been mirrored on thock.com, but then I read Dylan's June Updates and discovered why. Makes a lot more sense now. And although it may be a little late, yes Dylan, we are all HUGE fans of thock.com here at RBlords.

Got forwarded this funny Sony commecial today at work. It's worth a look, and a laugh. Check it out.

Well I suppose that is it for today's update...its only a matter of days until our 1 year aniversery...I suppose I will have to put together something special for that day, huh? Hmmm. If you have any suggestions, either let me know or post them on the Discussion Board. DO IT!

Just one last note: The last ten hits I received from a search engine were from the following queries..."bravada mods", "MAN vs. BEAR comercial", "if you had my love video", "colorcases case review", "funny jamaican songs", "comercial clip funny", "backyard wrestling download", "wheelchair rebecca", "winamp skin girl naked". Just thought you'd like to know!


End of Updates